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I hate TV…..

Some of you already know that we don’t have a cable connection at home…We decided not to have it because we didn’t want Zini to get addicted to the TV!! Even I am prone to TV addiction!! So for everybody’s sanity we decided not to have the menace in our home.. And i saw that my friend Leena had not taken the TV connection at home and was surviving alright, so it seemed doable!!

Technically we have a Tata sky connection, but we don’t recharge it for most of the time…But when my in-laws visit us we recharge it and then starts the assault of TV on me!! From each and every direction!! And they are here, so is the TV!!!

Now you may ask, why am i so irritated by the TV..Then i have a long list..

1st of all, after 5 months of (relative) peace, when the TV starts blaring loudly, it just gives me headache!! I have realized that my ears are now accustomed to the absence of that electronic noise!!

2nd is the kind of programs!! I mean, all the programs that are aired in our drawing room are so offensive and so 18th century!! There is nothing good happening in the lives of the people in those programs. Then women are always seen plotting, then there is this tendency of showing overdose of Sanskar where the ghar ki izzat is attached to the women of the house!! And this izzat is protected by controlling the women, sometimes by even locking them inside a room!! All this is soooo very revolting…. I try to bury myself in a nice P G Wodehouse book, but still this offensive things manage to get into my ears and in my mind, leaving me angry 😦

Also in all the programs about Gujarati families, there is a background score playing “He ji Re”!!! Puh leaze, give us a break!! With this rate i may start hearing this damn “He ji Re” in my mind while talking to my mom 🙄

Then there is this CNBC TV18, my hubby’s favorite channel!! I would have teared my already in danger hair watching it, if there wouldn’t have been Mitali Mukerji on that channel!!!

And let’s not forget Doremon!! Zini is now officially addicted to it (in just 20 days)!!! If there has to be only one reason for  not recharging the connection then this reason  is enough for me… I would rather let her watch Barney and mickey mouse clubhouse on youtube rather than letting her watch Doremon…

And very shamefacedly i’ll have to admit that even i am not left behind…During the time when my in-laws were not around and i had full access to the TV. i had marathon movie sessions!! So i watched ice age, inception (3rd time), Avatar (5th time), Mr Popper’s panguins (2nd time), the hot chick (1.5th times – 1st time i couldn’t watch the whole movie), Mirror Mirror, X Men First class, Johnny English (2nd time), Fantastic four (3rd time) and some more that now i have forgotten about..

So for torturing me, for polluting my surroundings and finally for controlling me, I hate TV…


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