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Shopping on Sunday evening made me realize that..

Everybody goes out for shopping on Sunday evening, so you should go in the afternoon if you can.

You spend more time in queue at trial room than actually checking out the dresses.

By the time your turn comes the queue at trial room becomes really short, sometimes you are the last to try out things..

When somebody comes out of the trial room wearing a trial dress, everybody checks her out because there is no other entertainment in that queue..

Some of the ladies on trial room duty are really efficient who do proper planning!!

There is always something that you think you should have tried, only if there was no queue at the trial rooms.

You try and select the dresses and come out of the trial room thinking that now you are done with the queue, just to join even longer billing queue!!

I am happy that I got a loot 🙂

I can now manage this “going out for shopping but eating at home” thing with great ease!!

You never return home from a shopping trip at the planned time..

You get a lot of post ideas while standing in one of those queues…

I could have made this a queue post, but I am too lazy to change the title ;)…


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