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Bye Bye & Hello…..

Again my internet broke down, which meant that i was once again on a forced blog break. Meanwhile a few things happened, so i will give updates on that 🙂

Bye Bye 6 years

Dear A, It feels like yesterday when we met!!! But we have been married since 6 years (and almost 10 years since we met for the 1st time)!!!! How far we have come!!! During all these years there were days filled with happiness and fun. and there were also days when things didn’t feel right. But we are going to take all the happy memories with us and bid bye bye to those not so happy ones.

Hello new year

Yes, for us it is the new year!!! A new year of togetherness, a new year of possibilities, a new year of happiness and a new year of celebration!!!

Thanks a lot for being there for me and enduring my crankiness (which attacks whenever Zini throws a tantrum 😉 )

Bye Bye Mummy

Yes, finally my mom came. But she came only for a week. She helped me with Zini and the house. We went out on our mother-daughter shopping trips and we even watched a movie (Barfi) together after a very long time 🙂

I also enjoyed some of my favourite mom-made food 🙂

But before i realized the week was over and it was time to say Bye Bye 😦

Hello Missing home syndrome

After mummy left, hubby too had to go for an almost week long business trip, which meant suddenly it was only Zini and me at home. And it led to me missing home big time. Though this time, Zini behaved and didn’t give me tough time.

Bye Bye BSNL:

I loved your services in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad but sorry to say in Noida you are not upto the mark. After so many breakdowns of your internet network, finally we have decided to say bye-bye to you.

Hello Airtel

After saying Bye- Bye to BSNL, we have chosen you to provide us with internet, you are a bit costly, but you hold promise of better service. For now, you work great. So Hello Airtel 🙂

Bye Bye Methi

I have been bitten by gardening bug (Not that i have big space to garden in, but). I tried to grow Methi twice at my home, but each time, sparrows attacked the young plants and left my pot empty 😦

Hello Paalak

Now, i have little Paalak plants at home and i am not taking any chance with them. I have covered them so that sparrows leave my little babies alone. keeping my fingers crossed 🙂


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