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some more TV musings..

So what do I blog about today?! It was a busy day once again, with Zini’s vacation extended and all… I hardly thought about post. Well no, I did think or rather worry about posting without any productive result. I am sure I had a post in mind at some point in the day. But with my peanut sized memory I’ve actually lost it!! Can you believe it? I had a post READY in my mind and now I can’t remember a thing about it!!

But thankfully in past I had noted down some topics I want to blog about in my drafts!! I am not totally hopeless, you see 😉

So today you will be treated to my thoughts on some recent TV commercials. You may refer to my post on TV and ask that how do I know about the recent TV commercial with not cable connection at home. Well it’s a valid question. But I have news for you. Now my MIL is with us so is cable connection. Now that the mystery of cable connection is solved, let’s get back to business, of reviewing TV commercials!!

First one is the Bournvita ad. Actually there are two of them. One where the mother wakes up her son for a early morning running race. Somehow it reminds me of the movie Udaan, where the abusive father makes his son race with him every morning. And the recent one is where a mom advises her daughter to practice with better people so that she is always one step ahead in the race of life!! And both the moms makes their children do this for “Taiyari jeet Ki”. On the face of it, there is nothing wrong with both the ads. But somehow, they seem to imply that the life is a race where they have to win, where loosing is not an option!! And i don’t like that option.

And there is another ICICI commercial with Amitabh Bachhan. Though I don’t find it as offensive as the Bournvita ones, I don’t like it much. I feel bad for the poor bank guy who has to go to open account on Uttarayan day. You may say it’s just an ad and that guy is actually an actor. Right!! But then there must be some bank employees who have to visit people on festival day to open their account!! Reminds me of days when I had to report on duty on holidays, especially Uttarayan!! Totally hated it.. One more thing with this ad is that I can’t see any woman on the terrace, leave alone flying kite!! Why?! It’s not exactly real!! We do see a lot of women on terrace and a lot of them flies kites too!!

And yes, those fairness cream and other similar advertisements are the worst. Plz go read RM’s post on it if you have not already done that.

Ok, I’ll stop my review of commercials now.. You can go back and watch TV 😉


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