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Some weekends updates…

No that “s” at end of weekend is not typo. I am going to give updates of 3 weekends 🙂

My parents were to visit us from 11th Aug to 17th Aug, but my papa’s leave got cancelled hence they didn’t come 😦

We had made lots of plans and i had dreamt of having Dhokla, Vedhmi, Handvo, Muthiya and what not…But all our plans and dreams were shattered and we were left facing 2 long weekends…

And this is how we made these weekends worthwhile:

Weekend 1:

Zini was not well so we spent most of the time indoors 😦 But as i didn’t have anything else to do, we cleaned up home, yes sparkling clean!!! Hubby was pleasantly surprised when i(!!!!) proposed to clean up and immediately joined me in cleaning by making the kitchen appliances Chamakdaar!!! And i also cooked some all time favourites (Pizza, Bhaji-pao and Chhole -Puri/Kulcha)

Later we went to the newly opened Yamuna Express Way. And it was amazing!!! The 8 lanes concrete road looked oh so sophisticated!!!! And due to monsoon the view from the highway was also great (sorry i don’t have pictures as Zini was sleeepy, we didn’t stop to take pics)

There were lots of people who were having picnic by the roadside!!! Yes, the world class e-way has become picnic spot!!!

Weekend 2:

This weekend should go in history as Zini watched her 1st movie in a theater!!! Yes, we threw caution to wind and went and watched “Ek Tha Tiger” in cinema hall in the 10 pm show!!!

I got so bored and irritated on the 1st day of the 2nd long weekend, so at 7 pm we decided to watch the movie. Hubby immediately booked tickets for 10 pm show, i made some pooris for Zini and Pulao for us and after our dinner we were ready to roll. We made some plans to keep Zini entertained, that involved smuggling Pooris,chips and milk in the cinema hall and me agreeing to buy pop-corn for Zini if she goes out of control!!! We told Zini that we are going to see the big TV and she was pretty excited for that!!! We were also ready for the worst, we planned to get out if she cried too much…

When we reached there, we saw most of the people there had come with little kids, so we braced ourselves to hear lots of crying kids.

But most of the kids behaved big time, including ours!!!

Yes, Zini enjoyed her night out..We had 2 corner seats, so Zini danced whenever a song played, laughed when we laughed, ate pooris, drank milk (i didn’t give her chips) and called out for Chika Chika auntie (Chikni Chameli Auntie) when she disappeared!!! After interval she said “Ghar Chalo” as she was feeling very very sleepy, but finally she managed to sleep in my lap and we managed to watch the whole movie without any breaks with Zini!!! Oh and we had popcorn after Zini slept 🙂

I still can’t believe this!!! But we are already planning to watch another movie 🙂

Then next day saw us hosting our neighbours (P & her family) over lunch and i made



green chutney and


and P brought along

Dahi Wadas

Paalak Paneer and


Yes, we have potluck lunches 🙂 !!!And we enjoyed our lunch over Zini’s antics 🙂

Weekend 3:

This week we gave Zini Flue shots, i mean we took her to doctor for the shot. Before going i told her that she will be getting vaccine for flue, so that she doesn’t get cold and that will be given by an injection. She heard me but was very busy looking outside the car so didn’t give much thought to it. I also told her that after the shots we are going to Mall, so please tell Doctor Auntie to hurry up..

Finally when we reached there she dutifully told the Doctor that we have to go ghumi-ghumi to mall, so please give me shots jaldi-jaldi!!!

When the Doc took out the injection she didn’t cry but hugged me tight, and finally when the doc jabbed her, she gave a loud cry. But managed to calm down before we got out of the cabin and managed to say Bye-Bye to the doctor auntie (a sign that the doctor auntie has not gone in to bad books of Zini, thankfully)….As promised we took her to Mall where she enjoyed a ride..

Next day, we went to my childhood friend N’s place, she stays in Delhi. People used to ask us how we get along so well, while one (that’s me) talks so much and another (N) is so calm and quiet!!! Our answer was that I speak and she listens!!!!

We had originally planned to go along with my parents, but as they didn’t come, we thought at least hubby, Zini and i will go…

She too has a young daughter almost of the same age as Zini, and her 2 nieces were also at her place. All the girls enjoyed big time!!! They had a remote operated car at home and Zini was all the time after N Maasi to drive that car, so wherever N went, Zini followed!!! And when i went to call Zini, she told me “Mummy jaao” and told N “Maasi Chalo”!!!!! Matlbi ladki…..

While Zini was after N for the car, her lovely daughter V was after me for talking tom, she kept telling me “Maasi Jovu che” (Maasi i want to see – talking tom)!!!!

Yeah, so we had a fun weekends…..Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends too 🙂


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