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I am back, again!!

If there is anybody in the world who can say I am back and then immediately disappear then it’s me.. But you know that already, I’ll tell you something that you don’t know – the reason(s) behind my one more magical disappearance and some other interesting (NOT) stuff from our lives..

I have been busy (nothing new you say?) but this time in a good way!! I’ve taken 6 baking classes for friends and neighbours, i.e. we have been baking cakes, breads and cookies. So after teaching the class I also had to work on preparing the class material. It was fun!! Those who learnt baking and their families loved the goodies and that makes me very happy!! A little positive feedback always boosts the morale šŸ™‚

It was once again Zini’s vacation time!! Sometimes I wonder she is perpetually on vacation. There was winter vacation, then the term end vacation, then the summer vacation, then the navratri vacation, then the diwali vacation and finally we come back to the winter vacation!! In between there are some unplanned mini vacations, like election vacation (She is at home enjoying this vacation) .. Phew!! Why do the schools have to give so many vacations?! Why now? Why not when I was a student? Why?! Why?!Ā Ok, so probably we don’t have answers to those questions… One of life’s mistries (or hard truth)?! The good news is that Zini’s formal school has finally started, the days of play schools are over and the uniform, school buses, lunch boxes and homework rule supreme in our lives. Not to forget early morning alarms… Thankfully she has already made a friend whom she was seen hugging and holding hands with yesterday.

The early morning alarms remind me of one more thing that has started occupying our morningsĀ – Yoga.. Yes, once again we started doing yoga. Hopefully, we will be able to continue with the same rigor.

Oh BTW, you remember that post about one of those days? Finally it turned out I had carpal tunnel syndrome. That too kept me from blogging very regularly. I took an injection and already feeling much better. Though I can still do with some sleep (yeah, those early morning alarms robbing me of my precious sleep)..

So how have you been?


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