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Pyaar Tera, Dilli ki Sardi…

Disclaimer: The post is not about pyaar (love), it’s about dilli ki sardi (Delhi winters) which is supposed to be extreme…

We are in the middle of the famous Dilli ki Sardi (well Noida is almost Delhi)…I generally don’t like winters and rains and summers, but forget it! We are talking about winters..

I hated it when I had to wake up at 6.45 am to reach the classes at 7.00 am. I just used brush my teeth and sometimes wash my face too. A glass of milk and I would get out riding my bicycle like a Dhoom bike to reach there in less than 5 minutes 🙂 I hated riding bicycle in the cold mornings with wind blowing on face (because i used to cover every other body part with some or the other woolen, so wind could blow only on my face). And this was just Ahmedabad winters..

After Ahmedabad, I stayed in Hyderabad for 4 years!! And the weather there was perfect!! The winters were pleasant and never extreme. Same can be said about Summers. Well the rain was in abundance, but it didn’t result in kaadav -keechad (mud and dirt)!! What more one can ask for!!

So when we shifted to Noida, one of my prime concern was the winters and how to survive it. I had a perfect plan in place. Turn on the heater on the next day of Diwali and don’t get out of the house till end of January!! But like all best (?!) laid plans this failed too..

I forgot to account for my toddler who wouldn’t stay put in a place for longer that 2.93 seconds. I had to take her out to the park (shudder)!!

In the first winter i felt a little lonely too. We had shifted just 2 months back which meant I didn’t have many friends around to spend the dreary winter evenings (& afternoons) with!! And the Sun decide to go AWOL for weeks (ok, one week)!! I get depressed when I don’t see the Sun!! One Delhi winter and I had Vitamin D deficiency!! That’s when I actually understood what people mean when they use “Sunshine of my life” phrase!! And the day Sun decided to report back to work, i found myself singing “Goodmorning Sunshine” (Yeah, by admitting of knowing this song i admit that i am from older generation, but i’ll take the risk)!!!

But when the Sun shone again, i realized the importance of it. Till then I hadn’t given much thought to Sunshine…In my last job I spent most of my time in front of a computer in a air conditioned lab!! Which meant I didn’t really know how the weather was outside and I hardly cared!! It was comfortable inside and i preferred it that way.. But now,  for the first time in my adult life, I had the luxury to bask in the sunshine without worrying about projects and deliverables!! Add to that the fact that i could munch on Dates, peanuts, chikkis and other sundry stuff!! It was fun!!! Undhiyus, Jalebis, Gaajar halwas, Sarson ka saags, Leelva kachoris, Methi Muthiyas, Theplas, Vedmis, Paalak paneers and choco lava cakes were made and consumed in abundance!! Even simple tomato soup with a sandwich felt heavenly!! And now that I have friends to hang out with and share my coffees with, the winters aren’t lonely anymore!! Winter now is the time to eat, drink (coffee, soup and anything hot) and make merry when the sun shines!!

I’ve learnt to appreciate the weather (at least winters) now!! I would still not call it my favorite time of the year. But I can have fun while it lasts!!


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